<![CDATA[Taste Neapolitan - Blog]]>Sat, 19 Mar 2016 19:55:20 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[30 day ab challenge]]>Sun, 20 Mar 2016 00:26:02 GMThttp://www.tasteneapolitan.com/blog/30-day-ab-challengeAs the new year started I wanted to be more proactive in working out and taking care of my body, And I willfully admit I lag baad on it. But hey, at least I'm trying right? Haha. My mom is studying to get her nutrition license but always has been a health "guru" so where did I get my health laziness from? I blame Netflix & donettes. But in my attempt to stay on track in my fitness journey I went to the Pinterest for inspiration, and as I was looking through workout routines this one caught my eye.
I will also admit that I have been trying to do this one for about 2 months and have yet to finish it.
At the gym the other day with my friend I told her "okay i really want to finish this challenge" and she laughed at me, haha because like I said I've been trying to do this and can't get past what feels like week one!
So here's my attempt to be accountable because I'm blogging about it ! And if no one else reads this I have the Hannah's to keep me accountable haha.
thanks to blogilates for this chart

So the instruction are pretty much self explanatory, do the workout and drink the water amount. To be completely fair and to see how well this works I will try not to do any other ab work outs besides the ones on the chart but if I do I will tell you about it!

So is anyone else interested in doing this with me?
I will be posting weekly updates of my struggle, I mean progress and let you know how and if this is really the way to get flat abs.
Prayer, healthy eating, and some cardio I think will help this along as well :)

Heather G.

<![CDATA[Ipsy: Our First Impressions]]>Wed, 17 Feb 2016 17:59:11 GMThttp://www.tasteneapolitan.com/blog/ipsy-our-first-impressionsIspy is in the air....

If you haven't ever heard of Ipsy bag's they are are a monthly subscription bag that come with deluxe sized samples, makeup brushes and of course a cute cosmetic bag.

Enjoy this short "un-bagging" video and maybe you to will become an Ipsy Member!  
Get Your Own Bag

In My Bag...

Baby Blush Stick in Bora Bora Coral

Ciaté London
Olivia Palermo x Ciaté London Paint Pot

Argan Oil Ultimate Reform Hair Serum

Naked Cosmetics®
Mica Pigment

theBalm Cosmetics
Mr. Write (Now
<![CDATA[fake falsies]]>Wed, 10 Feb 2016 01:19:54 GMThttp://www.tasteneapolitan.com/blog/fake-falsiesEvery once in a while my husband will buy me some make up product, and when he does he some how always scores! haha, he will literally randomly pick something he thinks I would like, and I end up loving it! This time he bought me mascara from the Covergirl Starwars collection.
So today I just want to share a little trick on how to get "false" falsies!
I love fake eyelashes but it is a hassle to put on, and some times they can start to lift if you don't put them on right..at least for me!

So all you have to do are these 3 simple steps to get the "falsie" look

blow dry the eyelash curler

curl the lashes

apply 2 coats of the mascara

heat the eyelash curler for 15-20 secs but make sure to let it cool slightly and touch it with your hand to make sure its not too hot,
next curl both eyelashes, I like to do 2-3 pumps for each eye with the curler.
and then apply the mascara, one coat at a time!

Now unfortunately store don't sell this mascara anymore but you can still buy it online here >>http://m.covergirl.com/beauty-products/eye-makeup/mascara/star-wars-mascara-dark-side
(This is the non waterproof)
          I hope this helps you ladies, and let us know if you have any tips or tricks!
<![CDATA[DIY photo booth props]]>Fri, 05 Feb 2016 22:49:07 GMThttp://www.tasteneapolitan.com/blog/diy-photo-booth-propsPhoto booths are a great way to make memories that are fun, and hilarious to make. Now, usually if you rent a Photo Booth they come with all the props and everything, but if you are looking for cheaper way to have one, then simply make a DIY Photo Booth!
you can make a backdrop with just about anything that floats your fancy, and if you or a friend have a nice camera with a fancy tripod, and a clicker (or have someone stand behind the camera) and voila! you got your own Photo Booth!
Another easy way to make one is just to have a back drop and props and let people take pics on their smart phones! after all those cameras are pretty great too..

My mother-in-law and I were shopping at Michaels for party supplies for her sons birthday and she came across these wooden props! I thought it would be easier to buy the paper ones, but it turns out with just a little extra work you can customize them to be any color or pattern you want!
So hopefully this is an easy DIY that you can do for a DIY photo booth to save some moolaah but without cheeping out!

We bought a handful of props, glasses, crowns, and mustaches all for a dollar each!
and I painted them (not pictured) 
  • (2) crowns: his/her
  • (3) mustaches: 1 brown & 2 black
  • (2) glasses: 1 red with glitter & 1 black
  • & a chalk board heart to write one!
For my glitter projects I really like Martha Stewarts craft glue, the top makes its easy to apply to small places. before I applied the glue and glitter I just painted a creamy white color on the crown- and for the other crown I just did a yellow!
after I applied the glue and I poured the glitter over it, and then did some touch up's and then put the crown face down the glitter to make sure it was covered.
I applied the glue to the glasses and then just spread it around with my finger
p.s Happy birthday brighty! 
<![CDATA[Our Christmas Looks]]>Fri, 25 Dec 2015 05:06:19 GMThttp://www.tasteneapolitan.com/blog/our-christmas-looksChristmas is here! Presents have all been bought, bows are being placed on pretty little packages and final preparations are well under way. We are getting ready to head out and see family and thought we should share with you the little details of our preparations to help inspire you with that one thing that is always left for last minute, your outfit!  

Keep your hair simple with a half-up-french-braid duo, stay cozy in over-sized knits and ankle boots (just make sure to get a pop of red or green in there), and doll yourself up with some metallic eyeshadow and red lips and a winged eyeliner of course. Boom, you are done with minutes to spare! 
<![CDATA[Christmas Playlist]]>Tue, 22 Dec 2015 21:26:55 GMThttp://www.tasteneapolitan.com/blog/christmas-playlistChristmas is so close I can almost taste it, I can definitely feel it, and now I can hear it. OK, that was the cheesiest way of saying I just put together a small playlist of some of my favorite Christmas music from traditional songs, to new music and fresh takes on old classics. Listen to these "mistletunes" as you finish up your last minute errands and settle in to start wrapping (or maybe I am the only one that hasn't started yet haha). Enjoy!

Merry Christmas, Hannah C. 
<![CDATA[perfect winter lipstick]]>Sun, 20 Dec 2015 22:40:40 GMThttp://www.tasteneapolitan.com/blog/perfect-winter-lipstick
I realize this looks like a passport photo, but I had to crop it because I have a syrup stain from breakfast. #iamcool

I recently went to Macy's with my mom-in-law to do some last minute Christmas shopping, but we had to stop by the Mac counter to try on some lipsticks and, I FELL IN LOVE.
After trying on a few differet colors, my mom-in-law noticed the lady working there lipstick and it was so perfect, I had to try it!
It's a matte lipstick called "D for Danger" by Mac. I have to tell you, I could wear it everyday!
I am not one to go out and buy all name brand product makeup, because I can't really justify it for one, and I think drug store products work perfectly fine for me. Although I am learning that some things you can't really cheap out on, and I think if you are really wanting a nice lipstick that wears great and has a great color then MAC has the perfect lipsticks, and they are not OVERLY priced.
I also have a red from MAC that someone bought me for my birthday that I love so much.
So there products are super amazing!

SO, if you are looking for that perfect winter lipstick, or need a last minute gift idea.. look no further!
You can buy it >> here
Xo, Heather G
<![CDATA[A GIFT FOR THAT PERSON THAT HAS  ALMOST EVERYTHING]]>Fri, 18 Dec 2015 05:14:07 GMThttp://www.tasteneapolitan.com/blog/december-17th-2015Tis the Season to be Jolly Fa La la la.....

So its that time of year again Ladies and Gents, the time of year where we stress about what to buy our friends and family. Sometimes blessing our loved ones seems more like a chore when the expectation to buy someone a gift that they will both use and love. So here is a list of things, practical and fun for that person in your life that seems to have just about everything!
If your loved one already does not own a kindle then they are truly missing out! It not only makes reading 100's of books easily but takes up much less space.

Kindle $60
You can use this speaker almost everywhere! It's water-resistant and can stream from up to 30ft away! Talk about versatility. 

Lyrix Speaker $14-23 (depending on which color)
This is a flash drive for your phone!! Don't know what to do when your smart-phone is full and you no longer can update or take pictures. You won't have to worry about it any longer once you can store photos and videos on here!

SanDisk Lighting Flashdrive $42
Practical and useful a portable humidifier for all those travelers that like to avoid getting dry from their skin to their throats!

Humidifier $30
 This is so high on my wish list!

A personal star projector that you can go star gazing with every night of the week no matter what the weather is.

Star Projector $48.00
I hope this helps you along your merry shopping way!

Hannah O.
<![CDATA[Christmas Lights]]>Thu, 17 Dec 2015 07:04:26 GMThttp://www.tasteneapolitan.com/blog/christmas-lightsPlease Note: This post is best enjoyed while listening to a Christmas song.. here is a song titled "Snow" because we have none here in Southern California, also, it is beautiful. 
There is not a part of the Christmas season that I do not love, at least not that I know of, but one of my very favorite things is the lights that go up as December 25th nears. Trees, houses, offices, malls, you name it- it has lights on it. You even get Christmas cards in the mail with paintings of cozy homes reflecting warm light out onto the snow. Even though I do not know the joy of seeing Christmas lights shining on snow, I do know (and love) the beauty of Christmas lights reflecting off the water in our bay.

A favorite tradition here is our annual boat parade. Most of the homes lining the water go all out with lights and decor that can be seen from the water and enjoyed as you walk by, but even better than the homes decor is the boat owners that wrap their railings and sails in lights and launch out on the water for the week leading up to Christmas, creating a parade of lights. It is magical! Driving out on the peninsula, there is more of a traffic jam than you'll see on a Saturday in August, people are all bundled up for our "freezing" California winters, families walk along the waters edge, and business stay open late so you can sit and watch the boats float by. 

This year my friends and I decided to get a head start on the crowds and we rented our own boat and took the time to look at all the lights shining on the water, from the water. We had too much fun, eating pizza, huddling together to avoid the wind, and singing Christmas Carols loudly to end out the night. 

As you are considering what activities to add to your list this Christmas I highly recommend a boat ride with friends, food and, lights! 

These pictures cannot being to capture the beautiful lights reflection on the water or the joy in the air, but I can't help but share them to you. 
<![CDATA[gift wrapping]]>Wed, 16 Dec 2015 00:40:12 GMThttp://www.tasteneapolitan.com/blog/gift-wrapping
For the first day of our countdown to Christmas here is a few gift wrapping ideas!
Christmas shopping is one of my favorite things to do, something about buying other people gifts you think they'll love is exciting to me.. But I have to say wrapping the presents is equally, if not more exciting to me! Just give me hot chocolate, a Christmas movie (or music) and I am good..
This year I unintentionally I kept getting snowflake wrapping paper.. they were all so pretty how could I not? Except for the Star Wars Christmas wrapping paper I got for my Star Wars fan husband, but again, how could I not?


I used the red paper with snowflakes, and twine.
I am mostly using the twine for the guy's presents, so I don't go overboard
and make their gifts look too girly. haha
It's easy to use and easy to attach the gift tags, which I got at Michael's for $1.50 a pack


This is the white paper with silver and red snowflakes and I used the burlap bow, but the twine would be fine too!
Here's a video on how to make a burlap bow >>link here
I cut my burlap right down the middle to make smaller bows and even cut it into 4 pieces... Though, I do not recommend doing that because the burlap falls apart...instead buy a pretty ribbon to make smaller bows)


The last wrapping paper I bought is this blue one with snowflakes, I actually bought it for my niece's gift because it reminded me of frozen, and she just so happens to be Elsa so it works out perfectly without going over the top.
All of those 3 wrapping papers I got from Walmart (that store is pretty great) as well as the burlap.
you can buy any kind of ribbon and make beautiful bows if you want to add just a little something extra to your gifts without going over board! I do recommend making the burlap bows in bulk so you can just add them right on to your gifts!
I hope this helps, and we would love to see how you wrap your gifts!!

 Heather G.